'Gold Flame' (??) photo

woodnative(6)October 25, 2012

I got this last Spring, in trade, from Stush. Somehow Stush finds these great Sans locally! It was a single shoot, but has produced two nice pups over the summer. Looks lke it might be 'Gold Flame'. Whatever it is, a GREAT looking plant!!!!

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Wow, that is pretty! He sent me a similar one recently. I hope mine grows up to look like yours.

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I'm not sure that is 'Gold Flame' but whatever it is, I love it! This is a picture of a 'Gold Flame' I got from Stush a couple months ago.


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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Love it. Looks more like variegate or something nice. I have some that looks similar and after the 3rd. or 4th. leaf, they come almost all yellow, then the next one regular. No two leaves the same. Interesting to see what develops.
Also that S. tri~ hahnii Streaker you gave me is now producing normal leaves out of the center. It lost that yellow/white that it was putting out. It just keep changing. I wonder if the Sun has anything to do with it. It is in more shade now.

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