Question about Seed to Seed by Suzanne Ashworth

gardennotebookgirl(5)August 3, 2009

The author divides the country into sections. Can anyone, who has the book, tell me what section you think Missouri would be in? I'm not sure when I'm suppose to do what. Thanks.

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That's a good question! There's no clarification in the book of where each area actually covers. I'm going to assume the recommendations for upper mid-west would work for you. I'm thinking your frost dates are more in line with the northern states as opposed to the southern states.
Do get to know your weather patterns. Those are better indicators of what to do in the long run since the info in books can only be a general guideline. Like here I for one know that until my apple tree is done blooming there is still a chance of frost, or close to it, no matter how nice the weather may be and not to put out anything tender.

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Hey, thanks Remy.

I thought maybe I should go with upper mid-west. It's reassuring to have a second opinion. Good point about considering weather patterns.

I think I'm really going to like the book. Now I'm ready to start seed saving!

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