surfinia and supertunia petunia

kqcrna(z6 SW Oh)August 20, 2005

OK- I'm a novice at this. I've read that surfinia and supertunia can only be vegetatively propagated. Why? Are the seeds sterile? I have lots of each, which I like better than the many waves and would like to save some for next year. I've grown cuttings from the surfinia easily and they turned out great. But I don't have grow lights or anyplace to continue the cuttings through winter, (also will be gone for several vacations), so it would be great if I could save seeds for next spring.

So, are these seeds sterile, or is it just that saved seeds won't come true to form?

Thanks for any help.

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I tried the red supertunias. They were not sterile but not all were true to color. As to form, I'm just not sure because they were planted late and then suffered dreadfully from our hot summer. there were seeds again this year but I didn't bother because the results this year were so hohum.

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