Help collecting Redbeckia Seeds???

bluespiritartist(5A)August 25, 2009

Is there anyone that can walk me through collecting Redbeckia seeds? I assume that all Redbeckia flower seeds are the same with all the different plants. I have Cherokee Sunset, Cherry Brandy and Merino and would like to collect the seeds but when I take the dried flower tops off, I am not sure what is the seed and what is the chaff. Thanks to anyone that can help me!


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Hi Blue,
Not all Rudbeckia seeds are the same. Some of the larger species have bigger seeds, but I know Cherokee Sunset and Cherry Brandy have seeds like in the photo on the link. I'm assuming Merino(I can't find info on it. Is the spelling correct?) is the same way.
The seeds looking like tiny gray pencil leads. The bigger dark brown stuff is the chaff. Often people confuse the chaff on Rudbeckias for seed. The easiest way to realize it is not seed is that it all smooshs/crumbles up.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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