How to save seeds of cantaloupe?

barb_roselover_inAugust 3, 2005

We had the most delicious cantaloupe which we obtained from a little Amish farmer's market. Can I save some of the seeds - how do I save the seeds--and will it be as tasty when replanted, or do you lose the taste? Thanks for the help - Barb

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

Hi Barb, on the FAQ for seed saving there is a question about saving melon seed. You can read that. The answer is just wash and dry the seeds, let them sit out a few days to dry since they are big seeds. Then save in an envelope or something and plant when the time is right.

If it was a hybrid it won't breed true, but if it was especially delicious and from AMish farmers it is probably some open pollinated heirloom and the cantaloupe offspring should be just like the parent.

The way *I* save cantaloupe seed is like this: I scoop out the seeds and put them into my compost container. Eventually it gets dumped into my compost pile. That heats up well, but melon seeds are so big they don't usually get killed by the heat. Then I spread the compost, and melons and squash come up all over my garden as volunteers. :-) I have some interesting melons forming right now, quite hairy when small, then becoming greenish with a textured skin. Don't know what it is but if it gets ripe I will eat it! I tell you my method just to show how hard it is to NOT get saved cantaloupe seed to grow . . .

Good luck,

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