kiwano melon & red currents

tumblingtomatoesAugust 2, 2008

Hi new here!

We cought a kiwano melon from the grocery store, not the first time we have eaten /loved this weird thing, but also got red currents, we loved these too! anyone know how to save seed from either, do I wash the green gel off the kiwano & dry, then plant? Do I ferment like tomato? Do I place into water and throw out the ones that float? what about the red current? Anyone know? thanks very much!

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You can save seeds from your Kiwano( In case anyone else is wondering what it is, it is Cucumis metuliferous. It also goes by the nicknames- Horn Melon, African Horned Cucumber, Jelly Melon, and probably a few others I don't know, lol.) It does need to be fermented like a tomato. There is an outer casing that comes off the actual seed with fermentation.
About Red Currants, I'm not postive. I do know I get seedlings from my Jostaberry(currant-gooseberry cross) popping up in the spring. So I'm betting they need a cold period to germinate.

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