Burpless bush cucumber hybrid

smiles317(7)August 4, 2008

My father in law is insisting that I can save the seeds from my cucumbers to plant again next year. I am a newbie at gardening but....I thought I read that when a veggie plant is a hybrid, the plant from a harvested seed will not be true to form. Am I right, or is he right? I would like to save seeds this year, rather then spend $2 on a pack of 100 seeds which always ends up going to waste.


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Hi Smiles,
You are right about the hybrid seed not coming true to form. But I have good news! You don't need to buy seed every year. Your seeds will last more than one year if kept in a cool, dark, and dry location. They generally stay good for at least 5 years before viability drops.

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REALLY? Why do seed companies put an expiration date on their seed packets then?

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Hi Smiles,
It is because veggies seeds are germination tested before they are pkged. for sale. Each type of veggie must germinate at a certain percent for sale, and they must be pkged. with an expiration date so the percent is guaranteed . Once seeds are sent out for sale, the original seed company has no control over what the seller and/or purchaser does to the seed. So a store or the home grower may keep their seed in a hot humid place or other poor storage conditions and that will greatly affect how well the seed will germinate after awhile.
I hope all that made sense : )

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