Salvia Greggii - how long before time for replacement?

del_mar_caSeptember 12, 2006

I have my first set of Salvia Greggii. I know that there has been discussion about pruning to where the first new leaf growth appears...but I need more info please.

In So. Calif...which month(s) should I trim?

If it is only to the new growth...does that mean I trim more often to keep it in a certain shape or size?

How many years before I should pull it out and replace?

What is the average size?


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Greetings from Oz,

For your question I consulted Betsy Clebsch salvia bible, I am sure her garden is in California.

The book recommends pinch and prune during growing season to induce continued flowering, in spring prune all dead wood and shape the plant for the season ahead.


A highly variable plant reaching 1 - 4 foot in height and less in width.

I hope this helps:)

Start afresh from new cuttings every 4 - 5 years for a fresh plant.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Interesting...I need to look for that book you mentioned.

How do I use cuttings to start a new plant? How do I go about that? Do I cut a viable part and just plug it into the ground? I am not familiar with the process.

I planted the bright navajo red from Monrovia...see the link provided.

Planting this in front of my Craftsman style home. This along with some Salvia Chamaedryoides 'Blue Sage'..which has a silvery flat contrast against the hot reds with glossy leaves.

Any other suggestions from others on how to maintain?

Here is a link that might be useful: Navajo Red

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Hello again,

the book is called The new book of Salvias by Betsy Clebsch, it has lots off beautiful pics an useful info off salvias.

To take cuttings, take a few 10 cm length cuttings off the old wood, make sure it has an active node(the part that the leaves come out),insert in pot with potting mix and wait.The higher the humidity the quicker they shoot.

Cheers Annette

Here is a link that might be useful:

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