drooping plant

arcy_gwOctober 21, 2004

My friend has a four foot plant she was told is called Mother-in-laws tongue. Half of the plant stands tall and stiff. On the other side the stems are folding over to the floor and pulling themselves out of their soil. As we tried to clean it up a bit a few of the stems are so week they pull out of the soil as if they are rotted off. If we were to cut the plant down, to encourage a fuller plant as you do with some, the edges would be so rough and unsightly. What could be wrong? Does it need more sun? Less water? It is very dark green and healthy looking other wise. Is this common and needs to be accepted? She had it tied up with a cloth to the bannister. We untied it and turned it so now the leaves are propped by the banister but with out the cloth. We are not so sure this is good for the banister. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Michaela(z6+ TN)

With the information you supplied, I would take this plant out of its pot, discard anything obviously dead, or slimey, remove all soil arond the roots and rinse the healthy roots carefully, purchase a bag of cactus soil at your local home improvement or Wally World store, and repot the plant. If the good leaves droop too much, stake them. Put it where it will get a pretty good amount of light in the day. These plants do NOT require much water. If you treat them like a cactus, they should recover. Good luck.

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There really wasn't/isn't any slimy parts, but there was mold growing on top of the dirt, which I suppose indicates over watering? THe plant was re-potted two years ago and it was not an easy task. What is causing the drooping?

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Michaela(z6+ TN)

I don't know what is causing the drooping, but just because you traqnsplanted it 2 years ago doesn't mean it is getting the water it needs....Your root ball may be so tight that when watered, the water runs right through it. When peat dries, it is hard to rewet again. Does your pot have a hole in the bottom? If not, it might be waterlogged. These plants need fast draining soils.

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