New Sans I just bought!!

Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6October 12, 2011

Hello, I just bought these at our locol Lowe's Hardware Store!! They marked them as Sans. Tri~ Gold Hahnii. Well, they marked all their Sans as 'Gold Hahnii'. These are Futura and they have pups that look like Sans. Tri~ 'Gold Flame'. I read RainforestGuy post about finding these at his Lowe's and when I was there this morning, there they were. They had about 6 altogether so i bought two. At olny $4.98 who could resist? O well. where will i put them?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Very nice, good deals, but I'd get it out of their mix immediately, especially if they were soaking wet when you bought them (which is how I find them at the local Home Depot).

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Very nice looking sans you have there Stush. My local big box stores have nothing at the moment. I assume their winding down for the winter. Only a token few odd and end house plants are on the shelves, and I already have way too many of that sort. I may have to resort to online shopping,lol.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I completely agree with Pirate Girl!
Replace that mix with something you can water thoroughly without fear of root-rot.


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What great looking plants-- I picked up a small one at Walmart--it had 3 tiny babies and a not so good looking mother plant-- so I cut down the mother (hope that is not a mistake) yet so far so good--any suggestions on care?
I have it at north side of house --keep moderately dry--
that's it so far-- it's about 3 months old--at first thought I saw growth in the center of the cut down mother--but now not so much ??
I am new to this site and not so good with computers so how do I post pictures --BTW great photography

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

To Mari, Sounds like me a month ago. I clicked on a picture and it sent me to 'Photo Bucket' web site. You can view all the photos that person put on and you can join for free. After you down load pictures to this site use the HDML code and click it. It should change to copied in the box. Then go to this message box and click 'paste' fuction on a new line. Good luck. I am pretty good at this now. Others on this site helped me. Look for new guy on a post.
ps; forgive my spelling at times. no spell checker on this site.

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Stush thanks
I will try the photo thing--I did finally break off the 3 pups as they had roots and re potted them ??? time will tell
just learning--that's why I buy cheap plants--markdowns
I have a lemon lime Dracaena that I got for $2.74
one stalk is great the other was broken-- trying to see if I should cut it back ???? or will it grow leaves again???
hope some out there can help me
my poor plants look like orphans compared to yours--
What part of country are u in ???? this dark before 5 PM is awful for plants--plus the cloudy Cape Cod winters--I live in Plymouth MA --last few days have been nice yet I hear that is all to change

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Hi again-- I tried to register on photo bucket--got all the way to end and the challenge question won't work--
just don't get it--it tells u names to type in then said its wrong
gonna go back on and try again today
any idea what I did wrong--no I am not a robot

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Mari, Just got in from Florida. I live in the Pittsburgh area of Pennsylvania. I had trouble also logging into it the first time. I just gave up. Latter got a e-mail from same and told them what happened. Don't know what happened but then I was able to get on and had no more trouble. Don't give up. It will all work out someday.

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