morning glory seed saving

mattjjd24(4 upstate NY)August 10, 2010

Last year I grew severy stunning morning glory plants, Heavenly Blue. I saved the seeds and planted several of them this past spring. The plants have grown very well, but not one single flower! I see the structures that should have turned into the blooms, but they never matured at all.

I didnt fertilize them. In fact I ignored them like I did last year. I figure it has something to do with having saved the seeds. Does anybody have any insight?

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Hi Matt,
No, it has nothing to do with saving the seeds. You obviously collected the seeds properly because they germinated successfully. Why they are not blooming, I'm not sure. It might be weather related, it could be a nutrient problem, or it could be something else. Try re-posting over on the Vines forum and hopefully one of the MG lovers that post over there will have the answer.

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