large red salvia unidentified in magazine

redpoppy215(8 TN)September 10, 2007

I'd love it if anyone could identify this plant for me. In the Fall 2007 issue of "Garden ideas and Outdoor Living," there's an article on pages 98-105 on a garden bursting with fall-blooming plants. In the garden, there are two large clumps of what appears to be a large salvia. Unfortunately, it's not identified. I would guess it's 5' or more tall, and probably wider than it is tall. It has large heart-shaped leaves, and numerous very thick bloomstalks of brilliant red flowers. In habit, it reminds me very much of a S. madrensis, just with red flowers instead of yellow! I did a search for "large red salvia" and didn't find anything that looked like it. Any ideas? I would dearly love to know what it is so i can start looking for some!

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juneroses Z9a Cntrl Fl

I don't have the magazine issue you are referring to but when you said large red salvia, Yvonne's salvia immediately comes to mind. Check the link below to see if it resembles the plant in your magazine.


Here is a link that might be useful: Yvonne's salvia

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nckvilledudes(7a NC)

Just a wild guess but perhaps pineapple sage??

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redpoppy215(8 TN)

That's it! It's Yvonne's giant salvia! Thanks to your link, I read up on what had been posted about it on GW, and saw someone's guess that it's the species of Salvia splendens. That's certainly what it looks like: an enormous S. splendens! Thanks so much for the help! Now, if only I can get my hands on some seeds. :)

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Yvonne's giant Salvia splendens is quite well-known in the USA now, seeds are available. It is a superb plant, and best treated as an annual. Seeds can produce a 4 x 4 ft. plant in 3-4 months. There is a stunning pink form 'Peach', both available from Seedhunt. It has been immensely successful in the wet and overcast UK summer this hates hot and dry weather.


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I would really like to have some Yvonne's Salvia seeds. Does anyone have any avaliable for next spring?

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moonphase(z7 Ga)

redpoppy,there are free seeds for yvonnes salvia on the seed exchange and on the winter sowing forum.There was an article about Yvonne and her famous salvia in Birds and Blooms extra a couple of months ago.One of the gardeners on wsing goes to Yvonnes house,gathers the seed and gives it away so that it is spreading all over the US and some foreign countries now.This is a seed that should never be sold because Yvonne gives it freely to be enjoyed by everyone.

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Peach struggled for me this year, but eventually grew to about four feet and has been blooming fairly well since the beginning of September. Although it is not fair to compare sages grown in different years, it is my impression that Yvonne's is much more vigorous here, flowers earlier and takes more heat - I just don't care for its color. At this point I'm wondering whether I should grow splendens at all in this hot climate.

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mskee(z6 MA)

Hello all,
It's Emily popping in here...I'm Yvonne's friend, and the one who "wrote" the Birds N Blooms article. I like to check out the various threads on Yvonne's salvia so I can report to her what is happening!

Just to clarify what has been said, I don't go to collect seeds from Yvonne's house, because she no longer grows the plant. When I met her in 2004, it was her last summer of growing it, and was looking for someone to continue the strain. Like wardda, I was never fond of red salvia, so I was reluctant. But, when I met Yvonne, I couldn't say no! When I planted them in a "hedge," I changed my mind about "red salvias!" Every year since, I continue to plant that hedge, and harvest the seed to distribute.

I also went to the "Seedhunt" website, and couldn't find any Yvonne's salvia, although I found the Peach one Robin was referring to.

Moonphase is right, that the seed is spreading all over the US, as well as other countries. Just found out that some is making it's way to Taiwan, courtesy of a grower in FL. She's also right in that the "spirit" of the flower is that it not be sold, even though I know that some day, someone will be making money from this plant. I had just hoped to continue the spirit of generosity from which I first acquired the seed. If everyone could meet Yvonne personally, believe me, you would agree. She's an amazing woman!

If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to P-M me!


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Emily, I think I'll grow out some in 2008. In 2006 I gave seedlings to several friends and they were very disappointed to find I hadn't grown them again this year. Presumably the two year old seeds will still be viable.

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I had this salvia for many years but this year the seeds failed to germinate. Can someone advise me on finding a source for these seeds? I am willing to pay or trade.

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