Meadow sage question

DGirlLA(z10 SoCal)September 26, 2005

A local nursery has meadow sage at a very reasonable price. However, up on Dave's Garden, the listing for salvia chiapensis says that is poisonous and that handling the plant may cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction.

Anybody know if this is accurate? Is is any different from other sages? I sure don't want to keep it in a pot if I can't handle it.


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Hello, I have salvia chiapensis & I have handled it many times No reaction, i dont know who supplied the info at daves but I think it is wrong I just have never heard of it. Hope this helps with your decision :0)

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CA Kate

I just looked in Betsy Clebsch's book and nothing is mentioned about it either being poisonous or an irritant. (Of course, any plant can cause a reaction in an allergic person.) Actually, I don't know of any Salvia that is considered poisonous. Do You?

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DGirlLA(z10 SoCal)

Thanks for the responses! Annettte, your experience does help, a lot. I've decided to go pick up a couple of meadow sages.

Westelle, thanks for looking it up in Clebsch's book. Someday I'm going to have to break down and buy it. As for your question, no, I've never heard of any salvia that is poisonous, which is why the listing on Dave's Garden startled me so.

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I am looking for a different version of a Salvia plant. I currently have several Meadow Sage "May Night" (Mainacht) plants that I am not happy with. I love the look early on, but do not like how the plant sort of splits, or lays flat when in bloom. I cut them back to regain neatness in my flower bed but am hoping to find a replacement that keeps more of a mound effect and yet blossoms throughout the summer. Can you help me with this issue?

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I see "Meadow Sage" and S. chiapensis listed as if they are the same plant.

Meadow Sage is S. pratensis, native to Europe and a hardy herbaceous perennial.

S. chiapensis or Chiapas Sage is from Mexico, and is a perennial - but not very hardy. It is one of my very favorite Salvias! Ours are blooming like crazy now.


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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

I agree with Kermit, and I also know of no toxic species of Salvia, especially to touch.

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