Anyone grow S. concinnus?

RainforestGuyOctober 1, 2011

Anyone grows the spoon-leaf sansevieria?

Just recently acquired one in trade for a sharp tipped spear species.

I'll show updated images as something visible happens with this.

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there is no thing like a "sansevieria concinnus" - surmise you mean sansevieria concinna i have the three different normal clones widely available 'lake sibaya' 'lav 5949' 'lav 5933' plus 2 or 3 so far unclssified species with strongly petiolated leaves like 'sudwalla caves' and metallica qualifies as well for that growth form methinks can not look now it is some where in my winter quarter since it will become too cold in a few days here

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I have four that Juan C gave me years ago 1996 , and several from the H BG which may be duplicates. How do you spell the plural? Thanks, Helli Norma

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I have several of this species, all collected from different locations all have 4-7 leaves to a growth at this time, they seem to grow in tufts.

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New member from South Africa. Have started a sans collection and am battling for info on identification. The S concinna grow here in my neck of the woods as well as S. hyacinthoides and others. How to get concinna to you, I would not know.Help.

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