Tomato seed?

itzybitzy_gw(7NC)August 10, 2012

Hello:D Trying to help my friend with this: She had only 2 types of tomatoes; the German Johnson was the first one and only one flowering(at the time) so that means her seed is "pure" even if she did not bag the blossoms? and the other is that her whole plant colapse breaking the main stem at the moment she had 1 fully ripe tomato very tasty tomato kinda small for the variety(6-8oz.)and the other ones where huge pounder ones that were completly green and took about 10 days to fully ripen on the kitchen counter.So she wants to know wich seed would be better candidate for saving?

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Tomatoes in general have s very low rate of crossing. So even if other tomatoes were flowering, chances are good the seeds it good. BUT you really should, when you can, save from more than one fruit. It helps in case there is a problem with the seed of that fruit being low in viability, in case some seed got crossed, and to maintain a healthy genetic makeup of future plants. Of course one is better than none :)

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Gotcha,Thanks Remy:)

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You're welcome :)

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