Cup and Saucer - can't find seeds!

newbi(NS z5)August 28, 2005

I was hoping someone can explain to me how to find the seeds in my cup and saucer plant (Campanula, Canterbury bells). Please don't refer me to as I've already been there. I STILL CAN'T FIND THEM! What am I doing wrong? I thought I would have been able to collect seed weeks ago. I'm afraid I'm going to miss them.

Any suggestions are welcomed,


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starmoon(Z5 NY)

Hi Lisa,

Seeds for canterbury bells form in the base of the old flowers buds. Make sure the pods are brown and dried before collecting the seeds. You will see several bulging ridges under each pod. Tear the raised ridges off the bottom of the pod to find "compartments" under each ridge. I believe you have to go through 2 layers to reach the seed compartments. The seeds are tiny and brownish and should fall out easily when you shake the pod. Hope this helps.

-starmoon *)

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I had the same problem. There were very obviously "pods" once my cup and saucer started drying out...but there were NO seeds inside! I ended up buying more seeds. I'll try again next year!~

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AdamM321(MA z5/6)

Hi, I am having the same trouble. The plant has been finished flowering for a long time, and the dead petals have long since turned brown, but the bulges under the dead petals stayed green and of course when I tried to open one, there was nothing inside. I also got some very fine filaments stuck in my fingers for my trouble...almost like a splinter and had to remove them with tweezers. The plants were gorgeous this year and would love to save seed. HOPE I can find them. I will go look again, but with gloves this time.


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I have havested many of them and they need to be brown inside on the pod after the petals are removed. I pick out the large ones as they hold more seeds. They do tend to stick your fingers so try to use twezzers instead of my fingers.

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