World's saddest sans?

beth95(6)October 18, 2013

I am just getting started with these wonderful plants, but I've jumped in with both feet!

A few weeks ago I rescued a beat-up jade dwarf sans from a flower vendor near my office. For three bucks, I figured it would be no great loss if the plant didn't make it. The poor thing really had been through the wars--mechanical damage, sunburn, a few spots that look like old insect bites. And the soil was soaking wet, too.

I set the plant on my desk near the window (northwest-ish) and let it dry out, then gave it just a little sip of water. And now it has a tiny pup. (On the right side--see?)

I have a few sansevierias at home that are in much better shape, but no pups in sight. Perhaps they could do with a bit of neglect!

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

Well done. Your Jade Dwarf looks pretty good to me. I'm curious, did the plant produce any new leaves in the center of the parent rosette after you bought it? The pup will probably be a JD too, but sometimes nature surprises us and changes the "rules".

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Welcome aboard. Look thru all our post and see what we offered. I would like to see the rest of your collection. I had a huge pot full of 'Jade Dwarf Marginated'. Lost all but one. That one has two new pups sprouting. Don't know what hit me last winter but I never had anything like it before and hope not to see another. I am happy I still got one from the pot. They grow fast and full. I thinned out my reg. hahnii marginated to prevent the same from happening to them.

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Solar, I don't think I've noticed anything interesting happening inside the rosette. But tomorrow morning I'll take a peek. I'm glad you think it looks good, though, battle scars and all.

Stush, your wish is my command! My collection is still very small, and contains nothing rare or exotic yet. The first one I acquired is a Futura Superba (I think). It was bursting out of its original pot, so I potted on (is that the right term?) when I brought it home. It lives across the room from a south-facing window, and seems to enjoy that spot.

I've also got one that came from IKEA, and was labeled Futura Robusta. Simple, but pretty. It lives right in front of a south window, but behind a sheer curtain. It seemed comfortable enough in its original pot, so I left it alone.

And the third I just picked up yesterday at Lowe's. No label, but I think it might be Black Star. Not sure yet where I'm going to put it.

There is also a small army of leaf cuttings I'm attempting to propagate... but that's another post, I think. ;-)

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Jen654(7 AZ)

Hi, beth95,
Your snake plants look happy to me. :) Definitely don't look sad at all! I recently rescued a laurentii that was neglected and beat up. You can see it in the forum post called "laurentii leaf curling -- normal?" And like your neglected sans, it is the only one of my sanses that is growing. The others are fine, but just not showing any growth of any kind. Funny.
Oh, and I have a sans that looks just like the one you are calling a Black Star...I've been calling mine a Black Gold. I'm not sure of the ID though. I've only had sanses since August.
Anyway, I think your sanses look beautiful. Not sad at all. :)

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Hi Jen654, and thank you for the compliment! :-) You might be right about the Black Star. I've done a bit more googling, and it's possible that the plant is really a Futura Black Gold ("futura" because it's the medium-height variety, rather than the very dramatic full-sized one. Which kind do you have, tall or medium?)

It's hard to tell what you've actually got when your plant doesn't come with a proper label, and the internet is full of conflicting information. I'm doing my best to educate myself, but it can be an uphill battle! (Thank goodness for this forum, eh?)

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Jen654(7 AZ)

Hi, beth95,
I bet mine is a futura, as well (medium height). The leaves are broader and shorter than one of the tall full sized sansevierias. This pic isn't the best angle but you can see the colors/edging and the leaf shape pretty well.
I didn't know about the "futura" label. I was just looking on the web... black gold, black star, futura...I can't figure out what this plant is. :)

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

I beleive they are the same. They are very common these past few years at the big box stores. I have a window box full of them. Also the futra 'Robusta Marginated'. Small but larger than hahnii. I love the very wide leaves and wide yellow margins. Some leaves are almost as wide as long as in 'Hahnii Marginated'.

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