Sweet Williams, Verbena, and Lobelia

scarygirl(z5EasternWA)August 15, 2006

With the help of this forum, I have found the seeds for petunias, wave petunias, and portulaca. However, I am now in need of finding the seeds for sweet william, verbena, and lobelia.

My problem with the lobelia is they are so small and am not sure where or if I will be able to see the pod. If anyone has any advise it would be great.

As for the sweet william I think I see the seed pod, but they are green. The dead heads that are brown have nothing that I can see would be a pod in it and are empty. Should I just let them reseed themselves or keep my eye on the pods that are still green?

Any advise on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for all help.

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I have Blue Moon Lobelia. Up until now, (quite literally today as I am new to seed saving myself)I have only been able to harvest very few seeds. But now there's a lot. When the majority of the flowers are dead or dying, look at the base of the flower. That green part will swell considerably from the way it used to look. It will start to turn from green to brown but still be soft. During this transition if you look closely at the pod, it might appear slightly transluscent and the fat area holding the seeds will appear darker (because the seeds are dark brown to black). The pod will continue to dry and will feel papery and hard when ready to harvest. Pull the pods off then (be carefull, if it's very ready the seeds will start to fall out the second you pull it off the bush...I use a paper plate). You can put them all in a plastic baggie and crush them or open each individual pod (which I prefer because there is less chaff). The seeds look like dark brown or black grains of fine sand and are almost as heavy. Dry 'em, store 'em, winter sow 'em, enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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Thank you, I will try that. I only have a little bit of the lobelia, but I will keep a look out and collect seeds.
Went out yesterday and was able to collect a few of the sweet william seeds. My verbena is blooming again, so it looks like more waiting for those. Sure is fun collecting!!!

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