Looking for a large pink salvia with a neat habit

jxa44September 22, 2008

Hi again,

any suggestions for a large (3' - 5') pink flowering salvia with a neat habit? Fall's the best time for me to plant salvias, so i'm on the hunt ;-)


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Salvia Curviflora and Salvia Splendens pink sp are the 2 that spring to mind, both large pink flowering machines.


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Wow Annette, i like the look of Curviflora -- a lot! which probably means I won't be able to find it to purchase :-D

I always thought that splendens was red?

Other suggestions? I like the look of the gaurantica's -- something with that shape would work.



meanwhile, back at the ranch --

i *finally* found an operator at cabrillo who transferred me to someone who might be able to talk with me about the plant sale. I left a voicemail -- wish me luck.


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CA Kate

If you don't mind the spread S. involucrata "Mulberry Jam" is one of my favorites..... 4' tall & 6' across, sort of fountain shaped.

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Some Salvias to try would be Salvia splendens var VanHouttei
several forms from burgandy to reds. Salvia rutilans "Freida Dixon",Salvia sessei,S.involucrata,puberula
and if you can find it S.leucantha "Danielles Dream" on
the smaller side Salvia microphylla forms like La trinadad,
Oxford Pink 3'or so.Have fun!

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great suggestions all -- now any suggestions for vendors? I've purchased from Digging Dog, Joycreek and High Country Gardens. Any others that you would suggest?

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Try the splendens peach (or pink) from Seedhunt. See Robin Middletin's web page for an image.

Here is a link that might be useful: Robin's Salvias

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