Sansevieria Moonshine variegated

RainforestGuyOctober 1, 2011

Anyone grow the Sansevieria Moonshine variegated? This is a very slow grower. Note the faint cream stripe in the center of the emerging leaf.

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That is a beauty and one I would like to own!!! I have not seen that particular one before and I thank you for sharing the photos!

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Here's another moonshine variant that should be in circulation by now. This one has several names. It is rather stable with the markings in this pattern. I have seen a reverse pattern of this that I hope mine would sport some day.

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The 2nd picture looks more like mine. except mine is a sharp white and green and white. it has not offset yet and may revert the first off set. Norma

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When the next few leaves emerge from my reverse variegated moonshine I will post it. I recently topped this and buried the entire plant. While this may appear to kill the mother plant, the number of offsets produced number almost three to one.
I am hoping to get twelve offsets from this treated plant by the end of the year.
There are many ways to induce pup formation. Some suggest laying the entire plant sideways under a mulch and allow side shoots to develop all along the stem and in between the leaves. ( there's a bud just above each leaf but unless disturbed the pup is produced from the rhizome after the leaves have fallen off.

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An old thread and I am not sure if rainforestguy is still around. Does anyone grow or know somebody who grows either of these, I am particularly interested in the first one with the white variegation?

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

I only seen them in Singapore. They ripped me off $130 and I was trying to order 2 of them. They were only like $5 each. Too cheap and too good to be true. If only it could be. I got a pup from 'Marquest' who had that green stripe in it. Remember. The one she sent had no stripe and didn't produce one later. Must have been a one time think on the main plant.
I email rainforestman. He is well and doing fine in Hawaii.

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What happened to the plants you ordered? Customs got them or they just never sent them?? Did you lose your money?
Have you ever gotten these or any other Sans from "Rainforestman"? I don't know why I like the looks of that white variegation on 'Moonshine'. I would assume it stays even after the leaves darken. Nice. I am not as crazy over the green stripes. I have seen the latter for sale on occasion in the USA.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Sorry to say, I didn't get any from Rainforest and was offered another Moonshine with the green but I also didn't think it was as nice and have limited room.
US customs took my plants as soon as they came thru New York from Singapore. He didn't include a Photo. Cert. and told me that was my fault. It was an extra $25 added to $50 shipping. He didn't mention it before hand and would have to start all over again. Pay pal told me to file a police report if I wanted my money back. I didn't wish to go any further with this. Just was not going to do it again. I have not bought plants overseas again. But I did buy seeds from China with no problems.
I do like the exra green banding on my Moonshine and hope it stays. So far, not on any pups.

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Concerning importing plants, it's not difficult it just has a set of rules that need to be followed. If you are getting less than 12 plants then all you need is the phytosanitary certificate and you are good to go. This certificate is issued by the agricultural agency of the country the plants are being sent from, it tells the agents in the buyers country that the plants were inspected for pests that could pose a threat to agriculture. It's usually pretty straight forward but there can be snags. Larger quantities of plants require an import permit which is issued by your countries agricultural dept. and it covers specific plants (orchids, sansevieria) and you can only import the genera listed on the document. The permit is also only good for that specific vendor and for a period of about two years.
Ebay makes it easy to get plants from other countries but it is at your own risk unless you have the proper paperwork. remember some plant families such as cacti and orchids are CITIES controlled plants and it is taken very seriously if you import without paperwork. You can be receive substantial fines.

Remember it's 12 plants with a phytosanitary certificate.
No soil allowed.
No CITIES controlled plants
Certain ports are much easier to deal with (Miami) because they see plant imports every day, others don't know what they are doing and they seem to screw up even the shipments with proper documents.
It can be stressful but if you know the rules it is just as easy as ordering domestically. Obviously some plants ship better than others but as far as Sansevieria go they can be in a dark box for a month and you would hardly know.

Hope this helps a bit. Being in Canada I have very limited access to exotic plants so I import quite often. I am envious of your American vendors selection and honestly think you can probably find most of the plants you want domestically. Either way once you know the rules you can prevent most mishaps.


Here is a link that might be useful: Importing plants into USA

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Mike thanks for writing that out! Stush, it is a shame. Customs has their rules in place for good reason of course but in cases like this they were probably just good plants destroyed. Ah well!! yes, there are plenty of good plants here, and in Canada too.....just sometimes the grass seems greener (or more variegated!) on the other side.....

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Thanks Mike,
Like the vender said. I should have asked for one. First time I dealt with some thing like this and with shipping already expensive, i figued he knew what he was doing. All that and plus another $25 for the phytosanitary certificate, just makes buying way too costly. More paper means more money.

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