spider plant

anna3(z7 OKLA)October 12, 2003

Hi, I have the solid green spider plant and have no problems with it. But I got a baby striped one from a friend and it isnt doing very good. I have my solid ones in the bathroom so I asumed it would do good in there too. any sujestions.?? Thank you.. Anna

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Anna, I suggest that you try at the HousePlants forum. You have wandered into the MotherInLaws/Snake Plant posting place. GardenWeb has about 400 different posting places, you name the subject, it's probably here! We only deal with this one type of plant. Your new spider should do just fine with the same treatment. Perhaps it just needs a bit extra water or humidity.

I do know that the HousePlants people grow all types of houseplants and are not limited to a specific color type or species.

Good luck with your babies!

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I think you post this on the houseplant forum for more advice,But I think your problem could ne lack of light. The variegated(sp?) type need more light so the light in the bathroom may not be enough. In general I find the striped kind are a little more finicky than the soiid green. Try a sunnier location and post back and let us know what happens.HTH

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