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ddiverblue(Z9 AZ)October 10, 2005

I purchased this about a year ago with no name. In looking around I thought it might be Masoniana. Now that I've searched this forum for Masoniana threads, I'm thoroughly confused. What do I have? It looks a little rough because I put it outside and it got too much moisture and split. :( Thanks for your help!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Gorgeous plant, ddiver! And flowering, no less! My unprofessional opinion is it looks like S. grandis, though knowing dimensions would be helpful. S. masoniana has wider, taller, flatter(I have one leaf that is 42" tall, another a full 10" wide) leaves whereas grandis has maybe 12" tall, 5" wide, but consistently that dimension leaves. Hope this helps!


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ddiverblue(Z9 AZ)

Thanks for the response, Lori. The youngest leaves are each 5" tall and 4" wide. The taller leaves are 13", 15", and 17" and all 4 1/2" to 5" wide. Mine doesn't quite fit the characteristics of either one. I'm getting hooked on sans. I recently took a long trip to Germany. Some of my other houseplants had problems by the time I returned, but my sans were all totally happy with the neglect.

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Your Sans is probably masoniana. I think those leaf dimensions are within the parameters of masoniana, and differences in light can make leaves vary in size quite a bit. One characteristic of this Sans is a small leaf shield that emerges with new leaves at the bottom of the leaf which has sort of a plaid pattern that is reddish-purple colored. If your plant has this colored leaf shield next time it has a new leaf, it's masoniana.

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One thing I should mention, your Sans is nontypical for
masoniana in that it has several leaves in the largest growth. S. masoniana usually only has up to 2. But if it
has those colored leaf shields, I still think it's

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ddiverblue(Z9 AZ)

Thank you, Russ. I was away when it pushed the last new leaves. I'll keep a lookout for the them next time. I appreciate your help.

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

I don't think it is S. masoniana because the flowers are not correct. s. masoniana should have a very large thick flowered brush like flower stem. The leaves should be bluish green per Juan Chahinian new book "The Splendid Sansevieria"
It could be S. nitida
S. horwoodii
S. raffillii
S. "Tugela River Valley"
S subtilis
S. metallica
S. grandis
S. elliptica
S. dawei

All of these species have white/grey spots, and to muddy up the issue, most have more than one clone/each from different location.

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ddiverblue(Z9 AZ)

Thank you for your help, Norma. This one is certainly hard to ID. I'll check out those species you listed.


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