Which Tomato Seeds to Save?

robertz6August 7, 2013

I read the FAQ on Saving tomato seeds, but still have a few questions.

When I pour off the water from my seeds, I have favored the heavier ones. But there is some difference in size and color.

Are larger seeds better than smaller ones?
Is the variation in lighter vs darker seeds important? Is one better than the other?

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All I can say is that I've never worried about color differences, and I've never really noticed size differences (except between different varieties). What's your concern? I can't really see anything to worry about other than poorer germination rates, but I've always had plenty good enough germ, and if I were worried about having enough plants germinate then I wouldn't want to discard any ahead of time. If some seeds don't germinate that's no problem for me so long as I have enough that do.

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