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DigginlifeAugust 31, 2013

HI I was wondering if I could save the seed from the following that Im growing
Rosa Bianca eggplant
Hansel eggplant
Gretel eggplant
Coyame hot peppers
mini red bell peppers
All growing In same area Any other tips? thx

Does blight or other diseases affect seeds?

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naturegirl_2007 5B SW Michigan(5B SW Michigan)

Hansel and Gretel eggplants are F1 hybrids and saved seed will come with the usual likelihood of offspring being different from the parents and different from each other. Same with Coyame peppers which are also hybrids. So yes, you can save seed, but no, it does not breed true so you probably won't want to save seed.

The Rosa Bianca eggplant is open pollinated and is good for seed saving. Let the fruit grow far beyond the stage at which it is usually picked for eating since good eating eggplants are immature.

The mini red bell peppers do not give a variety name. Most I've seen are OP and should be fine for seed saving once they reach final color and ripeness.

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Thanks naturegirl for the info!! Appreciate it :)

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terrene(5b MA)

I got some mini bell peppers at a plant swap a few years ago, and saved seed from those plants. Grew 2 plants this year from the saved seed, and they seeded true. Just saved some more seed from the first little pepper that turned red. Pepper seeds are super easy, I'm letting the seeds dry in a little paper cup. These plants are producing a good amount of peppers but they sure aren't very big! (Guess that's the point, haha).

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