Even in this heat they keep on bloomin'...

bethnorcal9August 14, 2012

Been in the 100s for days. With all the fires around us, the smoke has been horrible almost every morning and often lasting well into the late afternoon. Hard to get out there and do much but make sure the watering gets done. But the blooms keep on popping out. Some fry and some don't.



BETTY BOOP - with a friend. Notice the 4ft tall Bermudagrass in the background. It's out of control and I just have no time to get it dug out!




HELLO DOLLY - obviously not the one it was supposed to be









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inga007(Ont. 6a)

Lovely blooms. How nice of you to take these photos.

We see the fires on TV. Hope they are under control soon.

I find the SIMSALABIM so unusual looking. First glance at

Cabaret made me think of Gemini.

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I'm with inga007. Simsalabim is very unique looking. Love it. Also loving First Enterprise, Cabaret, Red Intuition, Stunning, and Tempie Lee. Geeze Beth, I hope someday I have as many as you. Only been at this seriously for a few years now, but have loved roses my whole life. I had around 100 hybrid teas i took care of with my grandmother when i was around ten years old or so. Then she bacame ill (cancer) and I hit my teenage years and hadn't messed with roses in some time. So, when I finally bought my first house and my grandmother passed away I vowed to never again be without roses. They'll always remind me of her, and of course I'm hooked. Like all of you. lol. ( crack for gardeners) Anyway, maybe one day Beth! You're roses are great! Thanks for withstanding the smoke just to show us your beauties!

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

You are so lucky to have any blooms at all, not to mention beautiful blooms. After 2 months of triple-digit heat, my garden has more or less shut down. Its been much cooler this week--first times all summer!--so maybe the garden will start putting out lovely blooms like yours. I'm especially fond of Red Intuition--looking full-sized in your pic, but very small blooms on mine (although there are a number of blooms on my poor heat exhausted Red Intuition).


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Thanks Inga! Taking photos is about all I can do right now. Only have one day a week where I can get out and do any pruning or actual yardwork. And now the days are getting shorter so I don't have as much evening light, and by the time I get dinner, etc, I'm too tired to do anything out in this heat. I hope they get these fires under control soon too! We had the fires HERE in 2008. Right now they're surrounding us. And I believe most of it is arson. Or started accidentally by man. Idiots.

Arcus you can catch up to me. I know you can do it! LOL And you're so right. Roses are like crack to us gardeners!! Instantly addicting.

Kate, sorry you aren't getting much blooms. Mine are adapting to the 100+ degrees pretty well. I think it's because I'm watering them better than in the past. Ever since I took off the pressure regulators, lots more water flows! The roses are happier! Oh and that RI bloom is actually about 3". Not very big, but they last a long time.

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seil zone 6b MI

Lovely, Beth! That Red Intuition is stunning and love that Tempie lee!

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Beth, sorry to hear about the smoke I can imagine it must be awful....

Your roses look lovely in the heat.

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Oh god, that SIMSALABIM! I went ad looked that up as soon as I saw it on HMF, and now I'm depressed that there's no US distributor XD

That is one amazing rose.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

Love love love Stranger! I think I've seen that rose before! It kind of reminds me of a more mauve Vick's Caprice (which I'm trying to root). Just a very different stripey!

Also, as always, adore Simsalabim!


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nanadollZ7 SWIdaho(Zone 7 Boise SW Idaho)

Honey Dijon and Stunning are gorgeous to my smoke filled eyes, and of course, the unique Simsalabim reaches out and grabs your attention. Great photos. We're having the smoke and horrid temps, too. Two days ago there was a range fire a few miles down the road. It's out luckily, but the big Idaho fires burn on, and we are also getting smoke from Oregon, Wash, and Cal fires. I can barely see the foothills when I look out my window. Thanks for posting the refreshing pics. Diane

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Gorgeous roses! I'm in love with your Simsalabim! I searched and searched but can't find it for sale anywhere, any ideas? Your Red Intuition is also so striking, I have that on my wishlist at Palatine once they open up orders again.

Thanks for sharing all of those beautiful blooms!

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Thanks everybody!

As far as SIMSALABIM and STRANGER go, both are florist roses, so if you can find them you can try to root the stems. I got those roses from two different people who I cannot divulge, as I don't want them to be bombarded by everybody wanting them. They don't have any more of them, as far as I know. And both started the plants by rooting cuttings or budding them. I feel very lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity to get these roses. I wish Palatine would offer SIMSALABIM, as they import from Kordes.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

It's hard to believe that your Red Intuition is that small! It looks huge!! Does it ever get larger, ie. cooler weather?

Lovely roses!! We don't get the heat; but we get golf ball sized hail a couple of times a month. Ruins so many roses.


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Carol the blooms do get bigger in cooler weather.

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

I love Honey Dijon. Gorgeous color.

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Lovely roses as always...would love to get my hands on a Simsalabim and Stranger

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