The Trifasciata "compact" = "Futura" = "Future" Cultivars

Solar_Storm(24 CA)October 4, 2013

Here's a list of the compact trifasciata cultivars. Here "compact" = "Futura" = "Future". I suppose everyone knows that E. B. Chahinian decided to recify the Latin names on many of these cultivars, but there are a few old names that are apparently grandfathered, so be prepared to make changes to this list if you save it.
`Black Futura' Periclinal GGG Descends from Bantel's Sensation
'Bogor' Periclinal GWG White, no yellow
`Eve' Periclinal GGG leaf pattern opp of Whitney
'Future' (futura) Periclinal WGG
'Future Gilt Edge' Periclinal WGG
'Future Gold Periclinal WWG Formerly 'Futura Aura'
'Future Hendrika' Periclinal WWG
'Future Simplex' Periclinal WGG tetraploide margins
'Future Striolated' Periclinal WGW
'Future Variegated' Mericlinal GWG
'Futura Wonder' Mericlinal GWG
'Gold Flame' Mericlinal WWG tetraploide entire plant
'Green Lace' Mericlinal GWG
'Henny's Gold' Periclinal GWG
'Midnight Shine' Periclinal WGG
'Midnight' Periclinal xxx
'Moonshine' Periclinal GWG
'Moonshine Reversion' Periclinal GGG
'Morgensterns Future Gold' Periclinal GWW
'Nelsoni' Periclinal GWG
'Robust' (Robusta) Mericlinal GGG
'Twisted Sister' Periclinal WGG tetraploide margins
'Whitney' Periclinal x aka Diamond Flame

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Thanks for Your very useful list (just copied in my archives!). One doubt : I have some cv that always reproduce âÂÂtrueâ from leaf cuttings , those are : hahnii âÂÂjadeâÂÂ, trif.âÂÂGrey LadyâÂÂ, trif âÂÂSlimmeretteâÂÂ, futura âÂÂMidnightâ (the one without yellow margin, I mean). More : some cv , not variegated , but of different growth or leaf size (i.e. âÂÂOkeechobeeâÂÂ, âÂÂhahniiâÂÂ) do the same. ShouldnâÂÂt they all turn back to the ancestral form? Are they âÂÂtrueâ chimeras? Or is there any chromosomic defect ?

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

Hi Roberto. Thanks for the leaf info. I don't know why some chimera leaf cuttings revert or why the pups of some revert. Nor have I started to collect that data. These would make two excellent additional columns to the lists I have posted. As you noted my lists only address leaf variegation, although I've included a little info on parentage and polyploidy.
I've never seen a good explanation of why these trifasciata cultivars differ in leaf length.

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