Imagine my surprise...

Cena(S CA 10A)October 30, 2004

When I turned the pot shown in the post Who Am I? and found the new leaf is significantly different than the single leaf I had before! This one is larger, thicker around and KEELED, with a noticeable color stripe in the center of the keel.

Who knew? Now it should be even easier to figure out who it is!

Here was the last picture I posted, you can see a noticeable color stripe here also...

Hard to tell, but this is the exact opposite side of the leaf, only reference is the other new leaf and its position. The color stripe shows well, but its hard to tell what it is. If I got close enough to see stuff, the flash washed away the detail. I experimented with different light and took several pictures.

Still difficult to tell that leaf is mostly flat on that side. The indentation really isn't a keel I guess. But there is that stripe again.

I will continue to try to get a decent pic of the leaf and its new shape.

Thanks for looking again.

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What beautiful markings, and I love the shape of the leaf. What a winner you have there Cena!

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Hi Cena,
In my opignon you have a nice singularis here.

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Hi Cena,

Looks like you've got a lovely S. fischeri going into its mature form. Its nice to get a potful of these upright spikes. Then wait for the flowers. thanks for posting such great pics.


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Of course, it should be explained that singularis and fischeri are one and the same, the latter being the new name.

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