Trifasciata full size cultivars

Solar_Storm(24 CA)October 4, 2013

In all these lists I've posted, you should know I'm not entirely sure on the chimera chactoristics. Some (most) came from the ISS Journal articles and some I deduced. But it's a start.

trifasciata Mericlinal GGG
'Laurentii' Mericlinal WGG tetraploide margins
'Argentea' Periclinal WGW
'Banded Nelsonii' X X Not related to 'Nelsoni'
'Bantel's Sensation' Periclinal GWG White, no yellow
'B. S. Sport' Periclinal GWW
'Becky' Merical GWG
'Black Gold' Periclinal WGG tetraploide margins
'Black Gold Two' Periclinal WGG
'Black Sport' Periclinal GGG
'Black Sword' Periclinal GGG
'Compacta' Periclinal WGG tetraploide margins
'Craigii' Periclinal WGW
'Daria' Periclinal WGW tetraploide margins
'Forescate' Periclinal GWG
'Forescate Solid Gold' Periclinal GWW
'Frontanella' Periclinal WGG
'Gilt Edge' Periclinal WGG
'Gold' Periclinal WWG Formerly S.t. 'Aura'
'Golden Street' Periclinal GWG
'Gray Lady' Periclinal GGG small 'Silver Queen'
'Laurentii Silver' Periclinal GWG tetraploide margins
'Laurentii Striolated' Periclinal WGW tetraploide margins
'Lillian True' Periclinal GWG
'Lime Green' Periclinal GWG
'Longitudinal Stripes' Periclinal GGG
'Madras' Mericlinal x tetraploide margins
'Manda's Dwarf' Periclinal GGG
'Medio Picta' Periclinal GWG
'Mein Liebling' Periclinal GGG hexaploide
'Morgan'sVariegate' Mericlinal GWG
'Okeechobee' Periclinal GGG juvenille form
'Piccola' Periclinal WGG tetraploide margins
'Rheingold' Periclinal GWG
'Silver Queen' Periclinal GWG
'Slimmerette' Periclinal GWG
'Solid Gold' Periclinal GWW
'Stripe and Twist' Periclinal GWG tetraploide margins
'Sunburst' Periclinal GWG
'Sunrise' Periclinal GWG
'Vandal's Gold' Periclinal GWG
'Wagner's Gold' Mericlinal GWG

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And they can change at any time. Several of mine has already. Norma

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Great job Solar. I added it to my book.
You did a great job explaining clinicity to me. also found this link;

I need a list of 'Also Know As'. As in Europe as 'Roberto2' as told us, his names are so different than ours. Also seems many nursery growers put their own twist to some. Very confusing.

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

The "naming of plants" is a sordid business, complicated by the international naming rules, genome studies, and nurseries trying to make money, not to mention newly minted botanists trying to make a name for themselves by reclassifying species.
I think the best the best source to rectify and sort these names out is the International Sansevieria Society (ISS) Journal. But I know of no list even pretending to be close to complete as far as synonyms are concerned. L. E. Newton's article in the "Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants - Monocots", has a list of species synonyms but even the species addressed is incomplete. Contact me directly for this list.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Did you ever find out about the confusion between 'guineensis' and 'trifasciata'. I heard the jury is still out. Some carry both names interchangeably.

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

I love this mystery about S. guineensis, which should never be confused with trifasciata. Here's my fantasy.
In the 18th or early 19th century at least one species of sans was grown in Africa as a crop to produce hemp and was called guineensis, maybe by the natives. So guineensis may be a corruption of some African word, but it's not a valid species name for any sansevieria. Anyway these plants were taken to the Americas and grown for the same reason. The hemp species may have been hyacinthoides or metallica or probably both, The plants escaped and "went native" in FL and south throughout the Caribbean to Brazil. I think some of the variegated plants like 'White Striped Giant' are metallica, but Juan Chahinian disagrees because the rhizomes are orange not red like N.E. Brown described. My theory is that 200 years of cultivation resulted in orange rhizomes.
Hermine may have a different opinion, but this is my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Sounds very close to my idea Solar. Thanks.
I have see 'White Stripe Giant' sold that was actually Bantel's Sensation and maybe the opposite occurred. Also 'Siam Silver' listed as a trifasciata when I think it's guineensis. Some more mix ups also that I forgot.
PS. thanks for all the help

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I tried to solve the problem just making leaf cuttings from all the variegated non-trifasciata plants I have. I expect they will revert to the all-green original species. They are actually rooting very well, but the answer is still underground...I am much interested in the history of Sans cultivation in Florida. Is there any article on the net or online libraries?? I have just sent to Alan (who is at present driving halfway between Rome and Malaga) a monster article on the differences and taxonomic history of trifasciata and its inextricable tangle with guineensis. Maybe You will be bored with it on next issue of Sansevieria.

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

Roberto here is a link you might find interesting. The page is undated but the most recent reference is from 1991. I suppose you could always contact them directly. I hope you post your findings.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sans Production Guide - Univ. of Florida

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Yes Roberto, by all means post your findings and pictures of your leaf experiment. I thought of doing the same.
I am a simple man and can't compare with you guys talking shop. But I try my best to understand. Due to the fact I love Sans and collect them keep my interest.

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