Success with GA3 soaked Seeds

hollywood300mAugust 1, 2013

I am newtons posting on Gardenweb, although I have read threads time and again.

This summer was my first summer gardening. I have spent other summers on the quest for the perfect KBG lawn, so I came in with most of the basics in hand.

Likewise, this is the first time that I have grown anything organically. Approximately 90% of what I use to weed, feed, and grow in (medium) is organic, and I have had great results, even with my lawn.

About 2 months ago I started using Plant Hormones, particularly Gibberllic Acid ( GA3), but that has graduated into using IAA, IAB, TRI, and BAP.

The second success, other than with going organic, has been with a 24 hour soak with a 500PPM solution of GA3 before sowing for most of my Perennial Flowers and Greens (nothing edible). In some cases I can get 18-24 hour germination in the 90% area. Other situations lead me to an increase or decreased concentration, none the less the success has been astonishing.

The downside became apparent when I noticed a mature red rubin basil plant (now 2.5 feet tall) looked thin and "Bean-stalky". I was informed by a Plant Biologist that GA3 will cause that thin look, which lead me to Hormones which "thicken"' or yield bushiness. This is where I am now.

I have a pic attached of this plant.
Sowed: 6-1-13
Transplanted to 4" Pot: 6-27-13
Transplanted to 12" Pot: 7-27-13
Picture taken: 8-1-13

Anyone have experience with plant hormones? Any success stories?

The huge question is...Has anyone had success with Poppy? Particularly Drama Queen, Danish Flag, and Black Peony? The closest I came to a plant was a direct sowed 6" Oriental Poppy...stupid me moved it and it died from transplant shock hours later.

Info about my area, set-up, and goals

I am in zone 5, or 6 depending on if you look at a grasses map, or a flowering perennial map.

House points North with a strong Easterly sun. I have an out door covered front porch ( house built in 1908), which allows me to move pots around. I also have a growing set-up in the basement (nothing illegal).

Favorites are: Poppies, Peonies, Sedum/ground covers , Lavender, Pumpkin/Gourd, Dahlia, and anything unusual for that matter. Poppies and Peonies were a favorite since child-hood. Nothing like a flower the size of a pumpkin, and the sugary smell of a blossomed Peony.

Goals: Have a successful Direct Sown Poppy Garden, as well as mixed potted varieties; Black and Pick Peony bushes to join my white one. Pumpkins not eaten by deer.

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chervil2(z5 MA)

I would not give up on the poppy that you moved. The root is still alive likely and you will see growth and flowers next year.

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