Leaf Cutting Propagation-What do I do now?

plantomaniac08(8)October 24, 2012

When one propagates a Sans with a leaf cutting, does the "Momma" leaf eventually die off or do I have to remove the pups that have formed (long down the road when they're big enough and so is the root system)?


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The Momma leaf will eventually die off. Sometimes it takes some time and sometimes you can get more tan one offset from it. The new pups that form from the leaf will usually grow on their own small stolon with their own roots. You can remove them when developed or leave them.....your choice.

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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

i always leave them sometimes they last years, if you do remove it, you can reroot it and get another round of pups. I once managed to 11 pups in a season this way, all from one leaf

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How big should the pups be before removal, if I decide to remove them?

Wow, 11 pups?! I have six from three leaves... I'm not sure I want more though but in case I attempt propagation again, I'll have to save the leaf if it's one I really like.


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hey Planto,

For me, it's not the size of the pups that matters, it's whether or not they've developed some of their own roots. I tend to leave them attached until they do.

Any special reason you're in a hurry to separate the pups? I prefer the look w/ pups in the pot (I like the nice full pots), but that's just me & personal preference, I suppose.

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I actually want to put all the pups together (six total) at some point, but it's hard to get them in one pot together without having them super spaced out with the "Momma" leaves still attached (3 "Momma" leaves). That being said, each "Momma" leaf has 2 pups attached. I was just wondering if the "Momma" leaves would die off eventually so I could put all the pups together or if I'd have to pop each of them off from the "Momma" leaves in order to do so. That was my original question. They each have a good root system going so I think in the Spring I'll pop them off if the "Momma" leaves don't die by then.


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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

just make sure the mother leaves are nice and plump, not dehydrated, when you pop the offsets off, and repot it.
Theres a good chance it will make more for you. It possible to get a decent root system on the leaf itself, in which case they seem to be able to live a reproduce for a long time, maybe indefinatly.
These are great plants to share and pass around, ive never felt like i could have too many!

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