Hot Lips Volunteer Seedling?

roses_more_roses(Z9 N CA)September 5, 2007

I have had salvia Hot Lips in my garden for the past three years. I have never been able to find any seeds, and I read that it was propagated by cuttings. I have a seedling that I thought was agastache until it bloomed red & white just like hot lips. This year I also got a surprise salvia uliginosa which I haven't had in my garden for a few years. Has anyone had Hot Lips pop up as a volunteer?


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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Collection of seed is complicated by bumblebees, especially carpenter bees, that abort the normal pollination process by punching a hole at the base of the flower to get at the nectar.

Greggiis and microphyllas set moderate amonts of seed, but the yield is low. Coccinea and uliginosa are good seed producers, as are the Agastaches with dense spikes and short flowers.

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Sure I may have mentioned this before, but as far as I know I was responsible for introducing 'Hot Lips' into the UK, a few years ago. I was allowed to collect seeds from a large clump at Cabrillo, never thinking that they would come true. But some did, and Hot Lips is now available in the UK. (To be correct it should be called x Hot Lips.)

This has never, ever set seed in the UK, unlike most microphylla cultivars. I do wonder why this seems to be sterile. Amazing new bi-coloured cultivars are always possible. Hot Lips here behaves like everywhere and white in spring, pure white (occasionally red) in summer, then bi-coloured in autumn. Weird, but delightful!

Another seedling from the Cabrillo plants was quite different, twice as vigorous, shiny leaves, red stems, red flowers, which I have cheekily named 'Robin's Pride'. Seems to be almost identical to S. microphylla 'Huntington' in the USA. This can grow to 6 ft tall....striking, not invasive, but somewhat thuggish!


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