collecting seeds from the Malva Zebrina

charinky(ky)August 6, 2005


Can anyone explain to me where the seed is for the Malva Zebrina? Or direct me to a site that would show the photo for the seed?



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The link shows what they look like. The seeds are connected in a ring shape. You may have to rub the seeds between your fingers to separate them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seed Pictures

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When the flower dies off, there will be a seed pod that forms where the flower was. Dont pick it off until it turns brown. The seeds will be in a ring around the center of the--I believe its called--calyx.

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I grew this plant from seed and it is very weedy. Pulled them all out. The original plant was very nice.

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The seed pod is like a miniature hollyhock pod...

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ritakk(z5 MO)

Can someone tell me if this is a Malva Zebrina coming up? I threw a bunch of old seed in this one spot and this is the only thing coming up! I had tons of the Malva Zebrina seeds, could this possibly be them? I might have thrown some other old seed in there too... I just couldn't remember what all I threw in there! :)

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gvozdika(8 OR)

Ritakk, it looks like Nasturtium.

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docmom_gw Zone 5 MI(5)

I'd give that sprout some more time and water. It does have a nasturtium look about it, but it's not unlike the Malva sprouts.


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