Sans more ways than one.

vivariaOctober 2, 2013

I am very new to the forum and have been learning a lot from reading here...though I am not entirely new to Sans. I bought a Sansevieria trifsciata Hahnii (green) about 26 years ago, when I was thirteen. I still have descendants of that plant. I decided to repot one of them a couple of months ago. It had been so long that I forgot not to water it in. I am sad to say it wilted in protest, but happy to report that it is well on the way to recovery. I have since replaced the soil with a well-draining, peat-free cactus mix, to which I added a good quantity of perlite. It has thrown 3 or more pups since then, to replace the floppy leaves I had to dispose of. I took some of the more turgid leaves to make cuttings. They're sitting near the window now, in shallow, fairly dry cactus mix.

Reviving this Sans led to me being bitten by the I also purchased a Dwarf Jade Marginated at my local cactus and succulent nursery a few days ago. It now resides in my vivarium with my 3 geckos, some Tillandsias, and various other plants. I love the look of this cultivar, and I hope it does as well for me as the original Hahnii does (when I remember to treat it right!)

The vivarium is very well-draining, with a deep drainage layer of Feather-Lite medium on the bottom and several inches of ABG-type mix. The water runs through it immediately, like you wouldn't believe! So far, so good. Does anyone else grow Sans in a vivarium? If so, do you have any tips/experiences to share?

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

I have mine in a old fish tank. See post below. No drainage holes in the tank but each plant is potted in it's own pot. The bottom of the tank never has water laying in it. Some times in mid winter, I will take each pot out and give it a good soaking then replacing it back into the tank.

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It sounds like there are some significant similarities between your setup and mine--that helps! I would like to reference the post below you mentioned, but it doesn't seem to show up for me.

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

Very good. Here are a fw more hahnii types you might want to add to your collection. I have two other lists; one for the full sized sans and another for the compact Future types

'hahnii' Periclinal GGG
'Golden Hahniiâ Periclinal GWW
âÂÂH. Favoriteâ Periclinal GWG
âÂÂH. Gilt Edge â Periclinal WGG
'H. Gilt Edge Striatedâ Periclinal WGW
'H. Golden Greenâ Periclinal GWG
'H. Golden Hahnii Periclinal GWW
'H. Greenâ Periclinal GWG
'H. Lime Dwarfâ Periclinal GWG
'H. Malachiteâ Periclinal GWG
'H. Marginatedâ Periclinal WGG
'H. Pearl Youngâ Periclinal WGG
'H. Primitiveâ Periclinal GWG
H. âÂÂSeibertâ Periclinal GGW
'H. Solid Goldâ Periclinal GWW
'H. Starburstâ Periclinal GGG
'H. Streakerâ Mericlinal GGG
'H. StriataâÂÂ
'H. Swirlsâ Mericlinal GGW
'H. Variegatedâ Mericlinal GWG
H. âÂÂWhite Gold' Periclinal WWG
'Jade Dwarf â Periclinal GGW
âÂÂJ. Dwarf Marginated Periclinal WGG
'Loop's Prideâ Periclinal GGG
'Silver Frostâ Periclinal GWG
'Silver H. Marginatedâ Periclinal WGG small Pearl Young
'Silver H. Variegatedâ Periclinal GWW
'Silver Hahniiâ Periclinal GGG Reverse of the hahnii pattern

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

If you'd like to try your luck. Take a leaf from the JGM and cut the bottom off so no more white is showing and see if you can root the top. It should produce Jade Dwarf, a solid dark green cultivar.

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Thanks for making that list I'm sure no one else bothered to do so. We sould all send you a gold start, Better yet a gold penny. I really mean that, Norma Lewis

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Thanks solar_storm , for that list, (I'd love to see the other two lists, too!) and the suggestion for getting a Jade Dwarf--I will definitely try it. What would happen of I were to leave the white part on?

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

I'm pretty sure that if you leave any white margin it will just produce another JGM, but since I've never done it, I'm not sure. The hard part will probably be finding a JDW with no white margin on the tip of the leaf.

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Here's a pic of my new Jade Dwarf Marginated in the vivarium.. I haven't seen any new growth yet, nor have I seen any evidence of rot. So far, so good

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

That is a gorgeous plant. I am surprised at the bright green color. All the JDMs I've seen are a dark green like this one. I think it's supposed to have a WGG leaf layer clinicity, but your's looks like the middle or core could also be W. Do any other readers have this light green clone?

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

When mine first got sick. Lost all but one in a large window box. I had some with light green almost yellow but lost it. I did some how save one. Now it has pups and makes 3.
So I do believe it all has to do with environment and lighting. Weakness so as to mutate into some thing else.
Could you explain the WGG leaf layer clinicity to me. Don't know what all the letters mean. Thanks in advance.

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

Sorry for the delay in responding.
The letter W= white (or yellow) tissue - these cells lack chlorophyll; and G=Green. Sans leaves (and many other genera) have 3 layers. The outer (epidermis) is called L1 and is the 1st letter. A leaf with green edges would have L1=G. The middle layer (L2) can be hard to determine. L3 is the core and if the leaf has a strong yellow center, one can be pretty sure L3=W. There is no code I know that differentiates between white and yellow tissue, although that would be useful.
Thickened edges and probably longitudinal striations (raised ridges) indicate polyploidy where the cells have more than two strands of DNA (diploid).
Hope this helps without confusing.

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Thanks, very simply put and understandable. You deserve that gold penny now. I will add it together with my other papers to put in my book. When I hear tetraploide or diploid, I thought it referred to the flower parts only. Thanks for clearing it up.

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It appears we have an answer...will a leaf cutting produce a Jade Dwarf Marginated or a Jade Dwarf?

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Jade dwarf. When propagated by leaf cuttings, pups lose the yellow margins. If you want to have a pup that looks like Mom, the only way is to separate the rhizomes (break off a pup from Mom).


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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

I have heard that the yellow parts of the leaf if rooted and sends a rhizome out, It will be all yellow and could die if seperated from the mother. I think Roberto has one and someone else reported it in the past.
Your all yellow parva had that trouble?
I know I lost a few all yellow seedlings (of other varities) as soon as they used up all the food in the seed pod.

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There was some question back in a post by Solarstorm last year, whether it would come out marginated or not. That's why I tried it, and the proof is in the pudding (or the pups in the pic.) : )

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Oh I see. I must have missed Solar's post. Jade Dwarf is a very beautiful plant IMO. Not one you see every day (well, at least I don't). Having a Sans that is all dark green like that is nice.


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I'm glad you like the Jade dwarf as well. I really like all the shorter Sans, marginated or not, so I now have a modest (but growing) collection of Futura and Hahnii types.

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Currently all I have is 'Black Gold,' but I hope I'll be able to expand my Sans collection when I have the room lol.


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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6
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