Chocolate Morning Glories

SmokyMist(7 East TN)August 5, 2007

Every year I plant 5 or 6 different types of Morning glorys, in hanging pots. This year I was able to get my hands on just 4 seeds from a 'Chocolate' morning glory. They germinated late for me, but those 4 all came up and boy have the produced flowers ! The biggest MG flower I have ever personally seen or had in my garden.Blooms are 3-4" across. The color is just gorgeous. Like a rose pink mixed with chocolate, no kidding lol.

I want to save the seeds, and I've saved MG seeds for years, but this plant is not producing seed pods.

Has anyone had any experience with this particular MG, or any others that don't produce ? Wonder what's up ? Had to show a picture from this morning.


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Hi Cheryl,
Absolutely gorgeous morning glory! I'm not sure why but for some reason, they are not getting pollinated. I had some Japanese types not make pods off all the flowers last year, so maybe they just don't set seed as readily as the regular kind. You could do it yourself and see if pods start to develop. If you haven't done it before, it is easy. Just get a small paint brush, and go around and dab inside the flowers in the morning. I do this for flowers inside in the winter and for squash outside that doesn't want to develop fruit.

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Oh are those pretty!!!

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mrs_seeders_husband(9 FL)

they are simply gorgeous! I have the same flower, only in a dark pink rather than the chocolate. they are huge also. I have now found a new love for the Jap morning glories for sure. I haven't yet checked for seed pods as mine are just blooming (but I only sowed the seed like 4 weeks ago )

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roflol(Z6 MO)

Wondered how it's working out, Cheryl. I had the same situation... chocolate was not setting seed, and over on the vine forum got the suggestion as Remy suggested here to manually pollinate, and I *think* I have a few pods setting seed finally... at least they look fat and sassy. Interestingly, the bright pink morning glory is still setting seed and giving me a pod almost daily. They seem so similar other than the color. Something I wonder about: I don't get a lot of pollen from most of the chocolate blooms (but always a few flecks). I don't go out there until after 9:30 so timing may have something to do with it, and I have not had to do anything with the pinks so I haven't had that to compare, but there was one chocolate that had a *lot* more white pollen to it, and I wondered if maybe the lack of pods was due to a scarcity of pollen in that variety.

Oh well. We'll see what comes up when I plant these seeds (if I get any) next year. Hoping to hear if you ever got seeds to set.

Terri :-)

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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

Well now that it's towards the end of the summer, my morning glory's are finally producing a few pods too. I go out there every day and check them. You'd think they were bars of gold. Only 5 or 6 so far, but they're there. My Japanese Picotte MG's started giving me seeds just last week, so they waited late as well. I'm amazed with this heat, that they havn't just shrivelled up into nothing.

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roflol(Z6 MO)

I'm glad to hear it!

Yep, you'd think I was training for pearl diving the way I prod the tangle of vines looking for some evidence of a fat tan pod. And in my case I have at least 3 varieties growing amongst each other so I have to make certain which vine is giving up the goods. Thankfully, each vine is a different color too (the purple one is purple, the fuschia one is very pink, and the chocolate one is actually quite tan-colored, how convenient!) so it's not too hard.

Glad it worked out well. :-)

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I've had the same experience with the MG mini bar rose this year. The variegated leaf makes it worth growing even without the flowers, but I can't grow it next year without seeds and it's not forming any seed pods! I didn't have this problem the first time I grew it, I will continue to watch for them.

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roflol(Z6 MO)

vjhale, I'm impressed with the variegation on that minibar rose. I hope you end up with some seeds for next year. :-)

If you're not already manually pollinating, can't hurt to try. I started doing that with my chocolate JMG and - although they are taking forever to ripen - there are several fat pods on the vine now since I started dabbling a clean make-up brush in each of the flowers every morning. 'Course there's no way of knowing what the seeds will grow as I have a few different JMGs in the area.... but at least (hopefully) there's seeds in them thar pods. ;-)

Cheryl - are your chocolate JMG pods ripening? The ones from my big fuschia flowers still turn tan and dry (not at the rate they did earlier, but still once in a while I find a pod ready). The chocolate ones just sit there grinning and green.

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you flowers are beautiful, never saw morning glories that big.

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