Will you be celebrating with a bang? Or

tobr24u(z6 RI)July 3, 2012

do you prefer a quieter 4th? Whatever, tell us your plans and maybe what you liked to do as kid?

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I will be working on the 4th ... as a kid? We would go to my cousin Mary Ruth's house (it was also her birthday) in the country and picnic and play and picnic and play and later daddy would shoot off fireworks that somehow came home from TN each year in the car.

Until the year they got away from him (danced across the yard) and burned the entire side of my older sister's leg ... he was devastated and it was the end of the big home fireworks show.

Do you know how many people do not know there is gunpowder in there ? Skeery.

This year it is so dry I will not be going near where they still plan on shooting them off.

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This year we will be going to a fireworks viewing party. But my most memorable was sitting on Grizzly Peak road in the Berkeley Hills watching the firework shows over the Bay. Each town had it's own little show going on and they were so tiny from up there but it was really fun to watch and you couldn't really hear the sound. I remember Van Morrison wailing Almost Independence Day on the radio. A very memorable evening indeed.

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I was raised in florida, by southerners, so between the perception of the 4th as a "yankee" holiday and unpleasant conditions outdoors at this time of year it was not much celebrated. I don't recall any picnics nor parades.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

We started last night!

Here is a link that might be useful: Red, White & Boom!

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We'll be doing nothing... except perhaps viewing the surrounding towns and their displays. The neighbors usually put on a decent show every year.

My husband is up north working at the moment, so I'll be here trying to keep the dogs calm. They dislike fireworks, since they can't see the source and don't understand the whole thing.

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marquest(z5 PA)

I will go to the fireworks but the cookout was this past weekend. Everybody I know only get the day off and back to work the next day.

My favorite memory was Point State Park the entire family would make a day of going to the biggest fireworks of the year. That day and Christmas morning are toss up as the most fun family times I can remember.

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Too darn hot to celebrate outside for us, but will run up the flag and do the grill thing with grass feed beef hamburgers and nitrate/nitrite free hot dogs....along with the last of the first batch of corn and the first of the tomatoes.
Happy Holidaze

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Elly_NJ(NJ z6)

I will be celebrating that I will be off that day.

I don't like fireworks. Looks like war and scares baby wild animals.

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It doesn't get dark enough for fireworks here until 10:30, sometimes later - so unless it's on a Friday or Sat night, we just don't see them as he has to get up early the next morning for work. He has the day off though, so several couples we know are coming over to bar-be-que, we are supplying the steaks and chicken and the grill plus baking off the apple/pear pie I put together and froze last week - they are bringing an assortment of salads, sides and the liquor they want to drink - and we will provide the mixers and sodas/water.

It will be lots of fun, I have been getting the house spotless all day in case it gets too hot to sit out - I have a fractured bone in my knee so it's up work, rest, up work rest - very frustrating for a zooming around, get-it-done NOW sort of female.

It will be lots of fun - we always have fun with this crowd. But we won't be seeing the fireworks which isn't really a big deal to us. We used to go out on a friend's boat into the gulf years ago every year for 10 years to see the big fireworks put on by the city and base - we have all the fireworks stuff out of our system now.

Kids usually set off little fireworks around the neighborhood - this year it's excessively dry - the town is on a very strict fire AND fireworks ban (first Independence Day fireworks ban in the town, ever, even for private persons in neighborhoods kind) so hopefully that ban will be observed.

Our 12 year old lab has just in the past couple of years gotten very sensitive to thunder and fireworks, I would like her spared the fireworks racket.

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Since the holiday falls midweek this year we are stayng in the city instead of going to the country or going away.

Until several years ago when they moved Macy's fireworks to the West Side we had the good fortune of watching the show from our terrace which overlooks the river. This year just a BBQ with family, friends and neighbors. Those that want to watch the fireworks live will trek west to my DS's apartment on the West Side and watch them from his balcony.

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My daughter is home so we will be traveling to see my mother, brother and his family.

He is grilling for us and I am bringing a strawberry shortcake cake (Pioneerwoman Recipe--delectable!).

We used to have a Fourth of July party here at the house and shoot fireworks but don't do it anymore since DH died. I kind of miss it but it's a lot of work.

I hope everyone enjoys the holiday, is safe, and is appreciative of all of the opportunities and blessings that we have in this country.

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Not seeing the kid or family this 4th, local cities are too poor for celebrations, so I'll roll a few joints and bike the beaches and suburbs and be a voyeur to other peoples' illegal fireworks displays once the sun sets. The legal stands are all shut down now, so I will depend on that porous US/Mexico border to provide me with the proper pyrotechnic mayhem our nation's cake day deserves. I'm pretty sure my neighborhood won't let me down.

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tishtoshnm Zone 6/NM

We will go to a cook out at church this evening, which will replace our usual discussion night. They are providing hotdogs so I will hopefully supply a Greek quinoa salad and maybe some type of berry crips (depends on what Wal-Mart has in the way of berries).

I am hoping that it will rain. If not, we can usually see a neighboring towns fireworks if we position ourseleves just so upstairs to look beyond the hills although I will probably just curl up in bed and begin reading Bel Ami.

I remember as a kid in Oregon going to a wonderful park on the 4th of July with lots of festivities and using Sparklers, etc. We left when I was 8 for NC and there it was impossible to find the Sparklers I used to love so much.

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

On a walk this morning I saw the early birds staking out their tables and grills at the local park a beautiful picnic spot under sycamore trees.

Personally I'll not be celebrating with a bang, but a whimper.

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We're about to leave to go to the park below us, that is part of our subdivision, for a neighborhood potluck. One of our neighbors has his boat at the dock (the park is on the lakeshore) and might be giving us all rides. Then, tonight, another neighbor (who is not a "joiner") will probably be setting off thousands of dollars of fireworks - they have the last two years, scaring our cats. Hope they end it at 11:00 as last year it went until midnight. But, now the association posted the city ordinance that requires fireworks to end at 11:00 p.m.

Fireworks are easily available here. Don't understand it. The Native Americans own a lot of land and have huge stands, but there are stands in strip mall parking lots, also. It's impossible to get away from the noise, but I do enjoy watching them.

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. a whimper. Are you kidding? To be outside in this heat is torture . So I'll rent a movie and vegetate till winter. It's 99 now.

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Beautiful here today; barely 80 with a slight breeze and very little humidity. Over cast, but the cloud cover is high. Haven't seen a mosquito yet this season.

Will be watching the big fireworks display from the lake shore in a friend's porte-cochere. It's perfect since the fireworks are launched from a barge out in the lake.

Been hearing fireworks all day - anything designed to explode or launch is illegal here, but we're 5 minutes away from Wisconsin where anything goes. So if you want anything more than a sparkler or the cones that shoot sparks, it's over to Wisconsin.

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Dicot, enjoyed your post (kindred spirit here).
Kids and grandchildren have plans. I will sit in my lawn chair and watch the neighbors fireworks display. They are illegal but until they start arcing over my 100+ year old house, I can appreciate the fun.

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We walked to the neighborhood 4th of July parade late morning when it was only 90 something outside. No hanging out in the park afterwards this year since the predicted high was 100. Went for a late lunch in an air conditioned restaurant instead. It was 103 degrees on the way home. The heat index must be at least 110. I wore my vintage mid-80's t-shirt from an anarchist booth at a local festival that says "I hate the greenhouse effect". It has a picture of a blazing sun partly covered by smokestack emissions, and a dead tree surrounding a guys head. It's too hot to watch fireworks with a crowd of people.

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Light traffic going cross town this morn to work, hot hot hot coming home. Dicot roll one for me and I will try to remember the 60's :) Althea my t-shirt says "we will not obey".

Happy 4th !

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nancy_in_venice_ca Sunset 24 z10

Low 70s here, beautiful day. I'm already hearing fireworks - at three in the afternoon?? Who can see anything now that the sun has broken through the marine layer.

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I'm back from the potluck. Perfect weather - 72 degrees. We had 24 adults and a few kids. A bi-plane flew over the lake, back and forth, for about 15 minutes, doing acrobatics (one quite breathtaking as he was up high and went into a downward spin and then pulled out of it about 50 feet above the lake. Good company and great food. Next month is our subdivision garage sale. I love living here. Great neighbors, and a view of the lake and the Olympic Mountains behind it. And, now that summer has finally arrived, life couldn't be more perfect.

Happy Fourth, everyone.

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