Anyone still growing Salvia 'Yvonne'?

jjd_z7a_nj(z7a)October 7, 2013

I haven't heard or seen much about this salvia in the past couple of years. Is anyone still growing and distributing seeds?

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

That's the trouble with relying on making a selection, especially one that acts as an annual, a pass-along plant. Backup with at least a botanical garden or similar organization eventually proves to be necessary. Keeping records of provenance is also vital to these organizations to assure the identity of the selection.

I've obtained some seed, and will try to get some to botanical gardens near North Carolina, as well as to some nurseries.

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river_crossroads z8b Central Louisiana

Such a fascinating story and what a great idea to have a repository at a botanical garden. Here are some links that I have saved just by way of interest, no personal knowledge. It is not supposed to do well in a hot climate and I have never had the seeds. Good luck!

EmilyâÂÂs post with the story, very old thread

Interesting pictures on link below in another very old thread. Note that the yahoo group mentioned is inactive, full of spam and not recommended.

Pictures of Yvonne's salvia growing in various yards

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CA Kate

I had Yvonne one summer here in the HOT, dry Central Valley, CA. I had to keep it under the arbor however. Unfortunately it didn't reseed. We have a bee here that cuts a hole down at the bottom of the blossom to get at something, then the flower(s) won't set seed. It was a very beautiful Salvia tho'. And I'd like to try growing it again.

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I have those bees here, too, just up the hill from you and probably a bit north. They are called carpenter bees, and look just like the big black "bumblebee" but with a shiny black abdomen rather than a fuzzy black abdomen.

They drill that hole to get to the nectar, without having to go inside the flower, bypassing the flower's purpose in producing the nectar (which is to attract a pollinator who will actually pollinate). Even the honey bees in my garden have figured out that those little holes are a good source for nectar, though they usually go the more productive route inside the flower.

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