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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)October 28, 2007

One problem I've constantly run into is having an online convention for naming flower colors. Wikipecia has a nice list that might prove useful, especially for posts like dirtrx z7nc, who is looking for a hot pink salvia.

Wikipedia has such a page, dedicated more to the names of colors used on web pages.

I prefer the RHS flower color wheel, and there is also the Pantene color-matching wheel. Both are actually a set of high-quality strips of glossy chips held together by a sturdy pin. The RHS set of four wheels has a hole punched in the middle that you can bring up to the flower for optimal matching. It is important while using these tools to be aware of ambient light conditions,especially to standardize them.

For computers, this means setting the monitors black-body temperature (measured in degrees Kelvin)and color balance with the buttons on the monitor, as well as using the same light in the room by the monitor. The RHS color wheel needs to be used outside.

The Wikipedia article has other uses, disclaimers, and limitations mentioned in their article.

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CA Kate

Thanks for that link, Rich. I'm sure it will be useful for future reference and so will bookmark it.

FYI: Korman Pink is a pink, not hot pink.... I think you'd call it more of a soft coral pink in Salvias.

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I wonder where I might find an RHS flower color wheel? Bush sage colors leave me clueless at times and with so many seedlings appearing I'd like to be able to describe their colors in my notes. There is a descendant of Raspberry Royale which is a little lighter than the parent and others of shades of fuchsia and red that leave me wondering.

One related puzzle, San Carlos Festival has me going crazy. The original patch in my backyard is fuchsia colored, but cuttings taken from those plants and planted in a xeric situation are much closer to red. I can't help wondering if I mixed up labels, but if I did, with what. These plants in the xeric bed have a color that is not matched in any of the other gardens. I'm afraid to label the plants for the public for fear I would mislead people.

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Thank you! I think that this list will help me match my colors needs. And I had forgotten about ambient lighting. It can make such a difference. Dirtrx

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