S. guaranitica question

eahamel(9a)October 12, 2012

I just planted one of these, it's about 2' tall. I think it's in the wrong place and will need more room. Would it do okay in a spot that stays pretty dry? I have an area in the back of the yard that I'm going to plant with things that will bloom and can take being dry a lot of the time, drier than the beds with roses.

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In our experience, this is not a Salvia to run dry. Watered and fertilized well, and kept free of whiteflies and mites they are magnificent. But not dry.

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Agree with Kermit. This Salvia (many forms) comes from areas in South America with plentiful rainfall. They will adapt to drier conditions once established, after a year or two.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Watch out for pine voles and/or gophers. You might want to incorporate some stony gravel or expanded shale/slate pellets to deter digging mammals.

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Not only not dry but it should have a well-draining soil mix. Otherwise it will wilt and eventually die. It does need a certain amount of care.

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