How to get rid of them

Retroactive(z10a FL)November 21, 2003

I have several large, dense beds of sanseveria that have taken over my yard. I am trying to pull them up little by little, and I know about digging them up, but was wondering if anyone knew of a good herbicide that will work on them. RoundUp doesn't have any effect.

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Retroactive(z10a FL)

I just want to add...please don't take offense to my post. Anyone who would like some of these plants is welcome to come and dig them up and take them. Here in FL they are considered pest plants as they quickly become invasive and are hard to remove. I didn't realize we were short on Florida posters here...

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

There are a couple of Floridians who post here, I'm sure they can help you out.

Some other Floridians who have 'excess' Sansevierias sell them on ebay.

No offense taken by me....a lot of folks grow many things that others consider 'weeds'!

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jderosa(z6 NJ)

I imagine that herbicide won't be q very quick way to get rid of these plants because they have very fleshy rhizomes, which give lots of energy for regrowth.

You could try to cut them down to the ground (can you mow sansevieria?), and then treat with round-up. Make sure you remove all of the cut leaves before you spray. I imagine that this will take a year to completely eradicate the pest. Depending on the area, it might just be easier to dig them up a little at a time (winter is easier, as the weather is cooler).

Let us know your plan of attack, and your success.

Joe "I can kill 'em with the best" DeRosa

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I would try'll probably get rid of all your plants and make some money doing it!

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Rosa(4ish CO Rockie)

Generally speaking, cutting down before spraying herbicides on any plant lessens the effectiveness of the chemical. The problem with the sans and roundup (or any other chemical) is that it will be hard for the chemical to penetrate the thick leaves. Cutting may work if you apply the roundup as a "cut stump treatment"-you will have to apply it to cut edges with a higher mixed concentration. Read the label for mixing instructions. Also, I find that using premixed product is a waste of money-it's not generally strong enough to take care of specialized problems (like this one). Buy concentrate if you decide to go that route.
Since you will have to eventually remove them no matter how you kill them, I'de also suggest digging and selling on e-bay.

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Rosa's right- Roundup works best on mature leaves, and you will have the best luck if you use a stronger mixture, Round Up Ultra Max if you can get it. It might be difficult to find concentrate in containers smaller than 5 gal. gets a little pricey that way. If you do buy a large container, be aware that it photodegrades & store it out of bright light if you want to keep it for later.
The way Roundup works is by blocking the plants' ability to take up water, and causing them to dehydrate. Obviously that makes succulent plants more resistant. They conserve water & might be able to ride it out until the chemical is out of their systems.

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What irony!...trying desperately to get rid of something so many people would love to have...

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Hi I am in Colorado and would like some sansevieria cuttings can you please e-mail me a picture of the plant and I will give you my address by e-mail if you still have any. My e-mail address is

Thank You!

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Hi I am in NC and mine died beecause of the cold weather, I sure would like som,e cuttings as well! Mary

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: ) try the plant exchange... I'm sure you could get rid of the whole clump, and get cool stuff in return!

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