Cucumber melon (barese) seed saving question

dancinglemons(7B VA)September 13, 2011

Hello all,

Hope everyone has had a fantastic gardening season. I have been growing the Cucumber Barese (Italian Melon Cucumber) for a few years and absolutely love the cuke/melon. The folks over at Seeds of Italy no longer carry the particular variety I grow. I planed to let one of the fruits stay on the vine until it is really ripe - and then pick for seed saving - but I put the specimen in the fridge. Will it be OK to save seed from this melon/cuke that has been refrigerated?? This particular type of cucumber is really a melon. BTW should I do the float technique or just look for nice fat seeds and pick them out, clean and dry??

Thanks all,


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Is is already really overripe? If so being in the fridge is ok.
Cucumber seeds should be fermented like tomato seeds. The good ones will be fat and not bendy. I've not really paid attention when saving cucumber seeds, but before fermenting, they might float even if good since they have the gel around them.

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Thanks remy!


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