Red Russian Kale

chickencoupeSeptember 29, 2013

Hey all! I'm a fairly new gardener of three years where I've concentrated mostly on my soil. Not a lot of success in veggies......except red Russian Kale. I planted it in the spring of 2012. Maybe it was the summer. I forget. I've had it so long I forgot what it was and did a search to find it.

Anyways, It's doing GREAT. bugs ate all the leaves, but I left it because the stalks and stems were very stable. Someone mentioned it would come back. I started seeing some inner leaves grow in so I fertilized it with worm tea and wow... back in fullness. There are three gorgeous plants.

Will these ever die? I most DEF want to save the seeds because it loves it here.. But when will it go to seed? What do I need to look for and what's the best method of harvesting the seed?

Can I force it to go to seed so I can have the garden space back?

I appreciate any input on this terrific heirloom plant.


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I just checked my photos. I planted this stuff in the spring of 2012!!!! Why on earth is this stuff still going? Amazing!

Note: This tiered raised bed sits atop hugelkulture. Maybe that's why.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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If you dead head certain plants they can live for a couple of years. Swiss chard is one of those. But, heat/summer usually triggers them to set seed. Could a deer or rabbit be deadheaded them for you?

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BTW, I may borrow a similar idea from you - staggering the heights for deeper soil. Nice idea. Didn't know you could use hugelkulture in such a way.

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