million bells and bacopa

butter_flySeptember 17, 2006

I love the million bells and bacopa but can these be grown form seed and where are the seeds?

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trish_ca(CA 8)

I just tried to root the bacopa from cuttings and they took...first time...I took cuttings about 6 inches long, stripped about the last 3 inches off and put the stems in water (tuperware container). I changed the water about every three days, and after a while little black hairs were on the stems....I didn't know if they were left over shredded leaves from when I stripped the stems, but figured it must be roots, so I planted them in a pot of starter soil...they never wilted and seem to be doing fine. I have a second batch in water...will see how they do. You should try it to see if it works for you.

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Thanks, I will am to trying this but so far I have not seen anything. Know anything about the million bells

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geoforce(z7a SE PA)

Callibrachoa (Million Bells) root easily also.


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In all my years of growing Million Bells, I had never seen seeds on them until this year. But, evidently they only produce seed in spring and early summer because I haven't seen any more since it got real hot. ???????


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