rotting hahnii

elsier(z6 KY)November 5, 2007

As I was looking throught the old postings, I notice a couple of references to hahnii plants that had rotted, and just wanted to put in my 2 cents worth.

That happened to me a couple of times. I found that if the plant is not too badly rotted, you can pull of the top of the rosette, peel off the lower rotted leaves and let if dry out. Then the remaining rosette can be potted up and will root.


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Yes. Once I had a clump of Hahnii I bought that refused to grow even though I repotted it with fresh soil. After about a year I took it out again, cleaned off the original soil this time, and discovered rot on the roots. I divided the clump, cut off the rot, let the pieces dry out, repotted, and ended up several new Hahnii that grew.


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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

Another 'tip' for the hahnii types is to bottom water (set them in a saucer of water and let them soak up what they want/need) as I've found that moist soil near the crown of the plant is what most often causes rot.

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