Surprise Lily

dawn73521(7 (SW OK))September 10, 2008

Boy was I surprised when some naked ladies popped up in my yard recently. (Yes - still getting use to what the previous owner planted...)

The lovely blooming is finished and I noticed what looked like seed pods just behind where the blooms were.

At what point should I harvest these pods? Something chomped on one yesterday. It was either that pesky squirrel that I have a feud with or our puppy. I WANT those seeds!


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Hi Dawn,
You have to wait until they turn brown. I can't imagine a squirrel doing that, but then again they do do some bizarre stuff, lol. I suspect the puppy, and I would put something around it to keep it away like a tomato cage. If you really think it is the squirrel, you could try covering it with a pantyhose leg or a sheer bag, one of those party gift bags if you know what I mean.
Maybe someone else has some other pest barrier ideas.

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