Propagating Salvia

obxmgOctober 29, 2006

I have been trying to propagate Pineapple Sage but it gets a white film, withers and dies. I assume the white is mold but not sure. I root them in moist Miracle Grow potting soil usually covered with a clear plastic bag to keep soil moist. The plants in my yard are very vigorous.


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Hi Betty,

Try putting a small cut in the node that is underground, or check your vigorous plants underneath, mine have parts that have aerial roots:)

Good Luck,


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ladyslppr(z6 PA)

Perhaps you are over-doing the humidity. I can usually root Pineapple Sage and many other sages in moist soil kept in a shady outdoor location. I wonder if the bag is creating conditions so humid that mold is growing. You live in a pretty humid climate, so try without the bag.

As annette68 wrote, Pineapple Sage often sprouts aerial roots on low-hanging branches, and these branches are easily rooted - they already have root cells waiting to grow. Many times you can find low branches that are actually rooted into the ground and these can be cut from the main plant and transplanted with a small shovelful of soil around the roots.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Good advice. All I can add is that pineapple sage is usually easy to root. If you are going to try cuttings without aerial roots, use firm green stems for the part you are going to plunge into your rooting medium. Stems with gray bark are harder to root. Cut off flowering tops, since these draw off too much resources. Without them, more energy will go into establishing roots.

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The wet soil is the problem. Go to (My Page), I put some information on how to rooting cuttings there, your welcome to it.

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great instructions jimmyjojo! i really like the pictures.

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Good job, well done jimmyjojo. Especially with the good pictures. We need more of this kind of information in these forums.

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Thanks, the method works pretty well. You have to change the mix and clean the trays though if you start getting diseased black stems. Feel free to pass the information on.

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Just came from your page on propagating salvias. Most informative and great pics. Question, you say after the cutting have roots an inch or two long, but I would find this hard to know when once the roots start , you certainly dont want to pull out the cutting just to ck. Im propagating some african violets right now and I know they have roots for I given it the tug test, so I know what you are referring to there. Great pics thou, but where do you get the seed trays from. I have pots from about 2 and half size and up. I pretty much started what Im doing in the dead of winter and no rooting hormone or seed mat. I will be checking WM later on to see if they have it.

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