over wintering

bobbygil(7)October 13, 2013

Hi..I have a few Salvias that are borderline hardy for me. I'm 7-8 if we have a 7 winter I might lose then and a 8 winter I'm fine probably. any tips on what to do ? I can cover them but if I miss a cold night they might be done. What about digging them up and keeping them in a garage ( unheated but warm enough ). Next year I'll have to take cuttings. Thanks bobby

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CA Kate

Which cultivars are they? Knowing who they are will make a difference in our answers.

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Westelle some of them are
purple majesty
wendys wish.. almost made it last year
silkes dream
lowrys peach
henry duelberg

thanks bobby

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Lowry's Peach is definitely not hardy. A greenhouse, grow lights, or a good sunny window in a cold (not freezing) window will work. It likes Mediterranean conditions; mulching probably won't work .

Wendy's Wish and I assume Amistad are similar, but mulching might work.

The others should make it without mulch, but it couldn't hurt unless you leave it on once the soil starts to warm up.

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