Ipomopsis rubra - standing cypress

ramazz(8a VA)September 25, 2008

Can someone describe the seeds for standing cypress? I had some dried seedpods on my plant, but when I opened them, I couldn't see any seeds.



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Hi Becky,
They are pale and don't look like typical seeds you think you will find in a pod. They are pretty much the same color as the pod and are on the small size. I think of miniature cooked over dried rice that has obtained an odd shade, lol.

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To me they look like miniature potato chips-I can relate anything to food! I guess rice would be healthier.

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ramazz(8a VA)

Ahhhh. That would explain why I couldn't figure out what was the seed and what was the chaff. Even with a magnifying glass! My eyes need help even with black seeds.


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Ok this is an old thread but maybe this will help someone in the future. Here is what my standing cypress looks like.

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