The mouse and cursor will soon be gone!

tobr24u(z6 RI)July 23, 2012

According to Fortune for 7/12 gestureinterface will soon be upon us even replacing touch. Called the Leap it will be available next winter and only cost 70 bucks. But just be careful what gesture you make as your computer may shut you down...

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I've never been one to "leap" when the newest in gadgetry hits the market... I always wait until the bugs have been worked out. Having just gotten a new USB mouse, I'm quite happy... this one is without wires to bend and break in the strange little alcove I have for "home office" space, my last laser mouse having expired from a cruel, but necessary bend in the wire.

Now, a new keyboard I could use! :-)

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I'm waiting until the new and improved Borg interface comes out the following year. We won't have to type here any longer, we'll just think and feel at each other.

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Forget THAT noise, VgKg!! There are a lot of thoughts out there that I don't want interspersed with my own, thank you very much!! I will not assimilate!

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