Seed Saving

brian_ouimet(5 Ont)September 13, 2012

Last night at our garden club a lady spoke on seed saving. She said that seeds from plants bought at a garden centre are hybrids and we will not get the same plant if we save the seeds. Am I wasting my time winter sowing seeds I have saved from my perennials this year.

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Wow, so much mis-information and partial truths floating round! While it is true that hybrid varieties will not come true from seed saved it is not true that all varieties at gardens centers are hybrids. Look at the tag in the pots, they indicate if the plant is a hybrid, this is usually designated by a 'f1' following the variety name. If the plant is open pollinated there will be an 'op' following the variety name. You want to choose open pollinated varieties if you want to save seed that will come true, ie. look like. taste like and grow like the parent plants.

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on the other hand, if they don't come true to their parent they're obviously still going to be the same type of plant. And this way you can start to pick your own favorites. Saving seeds is never a bad thing :).

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rbrady(5/Eastern Ia)

I agree:-) And it is always fun to see what you end up with when you grow the seeds.


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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I thought that 25% of the seed from F1 hybrids should look like the parent plant. Am I completely off base here?

Another thing, all hybrids are not hybridized for looks are they? Some may be hybridized for better roots or more frost tolerance arn't they?

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Can't you just dry them in the sun?

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For me that is the fun just seeing what you get from any seeds. If I do not like what I see they are not that hard to pull up. I lucked out with my first experience with my Amaryllis. I did not know how to handle the seeds and they looked like black paper without anything worth trying so I just threw them into my flower bed. I ended up with 7-8 plants. So when I moved I took them with me. Now I have a Red Lion (parent plant) plus a red and white and a pink and white amaryllis each year. So I feel there never is a loss in trying, gardening is always an adventure enjoy the journey.

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