Dreamland zinnia seeds?

aunt_lou(Z5 OH)September 26, 2010

I have already asked this in 2 other forums but maybe this is the right place to ask. Will Dreamland zinnias come true from saved seed or will they revert to parents? I presume they are a hybrid. They are shorter but still have really big bright blooms and are perfect for so many spots. I appreciate ahead of time any info you can give me. Thank you! :-)

aunt lou

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Hi Aunt Lou,
They are a hybrid. Your plants from saved seed might look like what you are growing now, but will not be a uniform. So they might not be as compact, the flowers may vary on petal counts, etc.
I would recommend buying seed of this one instead of seed saving if you want plants like you have this year.

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aunt_lou(Z5 OH)

Thank you, Remy. I will do just that [buy new seeds] because I really do want just that size plant and bloom. I just love the Dreamlands!

Thanks again!
aunt lou

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